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Here are a few rough sketches and colour renderings from years gone by (in the first instances 1986 and 1984). You have to get your concepts across to a client or, at least, have a rough idea what you are doing - even if just for yourself!! The designs don't always have to be on fancy paper, see examples below. Some old recycled note pad paper from Queen's, 4 x 6 index cards, nice tracing paper from Art Brown in New York, mylar sheets, etc.
Most of the designs, shown above and immediately below, feature "Landscape" type themes during this period. The ones below - "Fallscapes". Four were constructed in 925 / sterling silver, 22 karat gold and carved slate. Link
Above designs: Neil Aird © November 1984 and 1986
A few more, this time from October 2003.
Above designs: Neil Aird © 09 October 2003