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The Flotsam Diary
"Flotsam"  April 30th, 2001
Neil Aird  ©  2001
The narrative
On the easel at this time, a 20" x 28" acrylic on canvas painting. I am enjoying the detail work in this one.  The most recent image (above) is at the one hundred and twenty six hour stage...only a few hours of fussing to go. It is now signed.  I will stop in four hours.
Monday, April 30th.
Spent two more hours on the rope today and decided to sign the painting, so I'm alnmost there. My wife Danie arrives home tomorrow evening, I planned to have it done by her arrival home...just made it !
Saturday, April 28th .
Today I am still painting the final detail on cork float , the biggest challenge.   I probably have another 11 hours to go.  One hundred and nineteen hours of brush-in-hand time clocked as of today.  Final images will be posted once they come out of the camera !!

Planned completion date is still . . . .  30 April 2001.   
Looks like I might just make it  . . . . .   COMPLETED.  
Two hours to spare !

Note: A word to the wise...change positions often when painting for long periods...I am now suffering from "Frozen Shoulder" as a result of painting "Flotsam" ;-(

Believe it or not, planning a similar painting to this one, will commence the project in March 2008 - The canvas is on easel already!! I wanted to do it sooner...but, you know how it is!!

March 30 after 14 hours
April 3 after 25 hours
April 6 after 34 hours
April 8 after 42 hours
April 20 after 86 hours
April 27 after 115 hours
Monday April 9th, I spoke to Dave Menard of Kingston Frameworks and we selected the frame and he ordered the materials. Therefore I am commited to completing the painting. I have a feeling that Dave will have the frame  ready  before I have the painting at a stage to give him for framing !

Update:  He  did a wonderful job w ith the Italian Frame, very plain and just right.
Thanks Dave !
Here are two views of the painting underway, fairly early on in the game


Here is a detail of the painting when almost complete. Can't wait to get started on the next one!

Next up is "Jetsam" - started 22 March 2008 - The image below is the progress as of 04 April 2008 - I have moved along a bit since then - if you click on "The Jetsam Journal" you will enable you to follow along. If you so wish!